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Type of care

Three stages of chiropractic care


chiropractic relief care

Relief Care



Relief from your pain

Relief care is the starting point for all new patients or patients who have a new complaint. The goal of relief care is to address the initial complaint you may have, such as pain or other symptoms.

During the relief care phase we will help you:

  • Uncover the underlying cause of your problem;
  • Recommend a treatment plan to address your health concerns;
  • Smoothly transition into a post-symptomatic wellness care

Visits during this phase of acute care may be frequent and regular. Depending on the severity of your complaint, it may take several visits for symptomatic relief to set in.

Once we have achieved symptomatic relief, patients transition onto the next phase – corrective care.


corrective care

Corrective Care



Correct the imbalance

After completing the Relief Care phase and your symptoms have been eliminated or reduced, you will then transition into Corrective Care.

The objective of corrective care is to correct the poor biomechanics that enabled joint dysfunction. Various chiropractic techniques may be utilised to improve the range and quality of spinal joint movement. We also address the imbalance of muscular and ligamentous tension. Thus, promote the restoring and healing of spinal function. All in all,  the emphasis of corrective care is to prevent recurrence of the injury in the long term.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, exercises may be prescribed to perform at home to help improve and accelerate the healing process.

Visits are less frequent during this phase. Depending on how you are coping with the recovery progress, visits can be expected to be on a weekly or fortnightly basis.


wellness care

Wellness Care



True health is a journey, not a destination.

Wellness Care not only empowers you to feel better but to also stay healthy.

Maintaining a proper functioning spine and nervous system may arrest small problems before they deteriorate and allow your body to express itself fully.

Wellness care consists of routine maintenance chiropractic visits or check-ups. It is a great way to maintain your spinal alignment and ensure optimal health.

You may choose a frequency of care that is consistent with the physical and mental stresses in your life. Usually, this only requires a quick visit to your chiropractor, whether it is monthly, fortnightly or weekly, on your choice.

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